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ATCH III Circle S Moondoggie's Lil Girl

Gidget's pedigree

When I bred Tigger I didn't have any preconceived idea of which pup I would keep out of the litter, I didn't care if it was a girl or boy or what color, I just wanted the one that I thought would be the best agility dog for me .  Gidget is well into her trialing career and is turning out to be even faster than her mom so this should be a fun ride. 

Gidget was bred in September 2018 to a beautiful red-tri stud from Alabama and delivered one and only one pup in November, a pretty red-tri girl named Xena the Warrior Princess.  I think we may have been a couple days late with the breeding is why we only got one pup.  I might breed her back to the same stud again in 2019, a little earlier in the heat this time, to try and get a full litter, we'll see how that goes.


Above and below photo courtesy of Barry Rosen Photography



It's clear that Gidget kind of picked me instead of the other way around ....



She was the first pup to figure how to climb out of the whelping box ....


And she is darned cute - 8 weeks old on left and 9 weeks old on right



She chills out very comfortably .....  11 weeks old on left and 15 weeks old on right



Hangin' out with mom - 8 1/2 months old



Xena the Warrior Princess napping with mom at 4 days old