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ATCH-IX Circle S Tigger Too SRN Eagle, MX, MXJ, MXF, JS-E-SP, GS-E-SP, CGC - Therapy Dog International certified

Tigger's pedigree

Tigger is one of those rare dogs that has the "I want to do it right every time" gene.  Because of that she is a pleasure to train and work with.  She is eager to please and learns new things very fast, and she hates it when she makes a mistake.  She is a true team player, very intense and very fast, and thoroughly loves playing agility with Gary.  Even with her intensity though, she is also very sweet and has not met anyone she doesn't like, including other dogs and animals.  She is attached to Gary so strong that wherever you see him you usually see her at his side or riding in the front seat of his truck.

In 2014 Tigger and Gary won the ASCA Agility National  Finals in Bryan, TX.  It was definitely the highlight of their career to date. 

And in 2018 in spite of being hurt and being 11 years old, she came in 2nd in the ASCA Agility National Finals in Greeley, CO by just a few points.  Tigger is pretty much retired from agility now and just cheers her daughter on, or scolds her for doing it wrong as the case may be!


photo by K.DeLong Photograpy 2009

at 16 months old!!

photo by Tien Tran, taken at Fiesta Cluster 2-28-09

photo by K.DeLong Photograpy 2009

Out for a stroll around the pond....

4-6 months old

about 13 wks old

about 11 wks old

about 9 wks old